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Premium Roasted Haitian Coffee

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History of Haitian Coffee

Coffee has been grown in Haiti since 1725. It was once the world’s leading coffee producer responsible for half of the world’s production. Due to political turmoil and natural disasters coffee production in Haiti has since declined to about 2%. Our goal is to share the best kept secret of gourmet coffee with the world!

Haitian Blue Mountain Coffee Label

Featured Coffee

Our Independence Medium Roast  has a sweetly nut-toned. Roasted hazelnut, cedar, cocoa powder, date, magnolia in aroma and cup. Bittersweet structure with gentle acidity; velvety mouthfeel. The finish consolidates to cocoa-toned hazelnut.

Our Farmers

This coffee is from Association of Coffee Growers of Belle-Anse (APCAB) Coop which has a total of 680 growers. APCAB coffees are known for being smooth and creamy and are shade grown which is a rarity in Haiti to have that kind of forest cover. The cooperative is paid roughly 300% higher wages than the Fair Trade minimum, not out of charity, but for having an exceptional product.

Choose Your Roast

To ensure fresh and flavorful beans, our roasting team doesn't start roasting until you order. We wait until we receive your order before we fire up the roaster.

Choose Your Grind

We allow you to customize your grind type for each bag of coffee you order. Our plethora of grind options ensures that you'll brew the perfect cup of joe.​

Ship it!

Flat rate shipping on all orders! Processing includes roasting of coffee beans, packing, and shipping via USPS. Tracking number will be provided for you.​

Sip it!

Enjoy your Premium Roasted Haitian Coffee!

customer Reviews

Hollyanne Simon
California, United States
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So flavorful and fast shipping! Definitely will order again!
Tabitha B.
Texas, United States
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I purchased the Haitian Blue Mountain Coffee in Medium Roast and I loved every drop!!!
Luc Cadet
Texas, United States
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This is my first time drinking Haitian coffee and I’m hooked! It’s very smooth and isn’t bitter like some I’ve had prior. The greatest thing about it is I was able to stay awake for several hours and get everything I needed to get done without crashing. This company has earned a lifetime customer.
Texas, United States
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Ordering process was easy, merchandise came safely secured. I love my mug
Dayna C.
United States
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Love the taste! Smooth and not bitter. Will definitely buy again.
John W.
Ohio, United States
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Amazing! I drink my coffee black and this dark roast is both flavorful and smooth. Highly Recommend this for everyone!
Jennifer M.
Michigan, United States
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When I took the first sip, I yelled out dam this is good lol and it definitely was. I was impressed because I’m a everyday coffee drinker, and it felt good to be drinking coffee from a black owned company, plus it was really fresh and delivery was fast. I love the medium roast because it’s just right not to strong and not to weak. I definitely will be ordering more coffee.